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Chris Robbins, Principal

Fifteen years ago, Chris Robbins began his career as an airline pilot. He quickly realized that he and his family could not rely on the generous pension packages that airline pilots had enjoyed in the past.

Chris set out on a journey to learn everything he could about investing and financial planning in order to optimize his family’s path to financial freedom. After several years of research, Chris established Grand Street Wealth Management. Chris’ mission is to help individuals and families, like he and his, find the best way to manage their wealth.


Chris is also an Airbus 320 First Officer for Delta Air Lines. He received a B.S. from Arizona State University, magna cum laude, in 2003.

Grand Street Wealth Management

About Our Company

Grand Street Wealth Management is a family-owned and operated wealth management and financial planning business. GSWM operates under two key principles: achieving financial independence for our clients and offering completely unbiased advice.