Our Philosophy

At Grand Street Wealth Management our investment philosophy has been shaped through years of research, education and experience. We firmly believe that picking individual stocks or attempting to “time the market” are losing strategies over the long term.

We implement strategies that focus on consistent and optimal diversification catered to our client’s risk profile. A globally diversified portfolio across asset classes, geography and style premiums gives our clients the best chance to achieve their financial goals.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are only able to accept fees directly from our clients. Other financial institutions and wealth management companies are able to collect fees by providing financial planning advice and fees from mutual fund companies and other institutions by selling certain investment products to their clients.

We are not financially incentivized to invest in specific financial products; our only incentive is our clients’ success.

Grand Street Wealth Management is registered with the State of Michigan as a Registered Investment Advisor. This means that GSWM, under the set of regulations outlined in the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, cannot receive fees from outside institutions through the selling of investment products and mutual funds.
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Percentages & Fees

Our fee for wealth management is based on the amount of assets we manage. In addition to wealth management we offer, on a case by case basis, hourly planning in the amount of $200 per hour.

We offer advice that is 100% unbiased